The exhaust air volume flow monitoring and alarm system monitors and alarms when deviations in protective ventilation occur in fume hoods, chemical cabinets, safety cabinets, clean rooms and other types of ventilation ducts.

DragosLarm has been manufactured since 1995 and can now be found in many of our primary and secondary schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, industrial laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and other places where laboratories are located. Dragos is also available in establishments abroad.

Why Dragoslarm

As early as 1998, a German journal reported on the need to regularly check fume hoods as safety equipment. Monitoring the operation of parts of the ventilation system (e.g. monitoring the fan speed) is generally not sufficient.

The following example was given:

Perchloric acid had been used for years on a perchloric acid fume extractor. During an inspection of the roof of the building, the fan blades of the extractor were found on the roof: completely corroded and lying in front of the opening of the exhaust air duct!

Only the shaft still driven by the motor was rotating in the pipe. However, the effectiveness of this extractor was practically non-existent, with only a weak air exchange presumably still taking place due to convection. The really worrying thing about this case is that none of the users had noticed anything.

DragosLarm monitors precisely this scenario for you, because DragosLarm monitors the air flow and gives an acoustic and visual signal as soon as it drops. Simple, safe and reliable.


The design is limited to the essentials and has been tried and tested over many years


Our basic concept is that our products are easy to install and user friendly.

Cost efficient

Our products are designed in Sweden and produced in Sweden and Finland. Our many years of experience guarantee high quality at competitive prices.
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