Laundry rooms


Public laundry rooms in apartment buildings:

Good ventilation in the laundry room is essential to both create a pleasant environment in public laundry rooms, but above all also to prevent moisture damage in buildings and on machines. In addition, laundry dries much more slowly in humid environments.

An exhaust fan is usually used, which should be cleaned at least once a year.

But who checks that there really is (correct) air flow during the year before it is too late and the building or equipment is affected by the humid environment, because maybe the fan still runs without interference but the air cannot be transported out of the room for other reasons, e.g. through damage to the fan ducts or similar.

Dragos Larmen monitors the flow in a simple way and alarms as soon as the preset set value is no longer reached in the ventilation.

Dragos Alarms are built for uncomplicated handling and alarm both optically and acoustically, as well as they can be connected to a monitoring center. It couldn’t be easier to get security for the ventilation in the laundry room, especially between the annual checks.